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Delete my own posts?! (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 14.05.2008, 12:14
(edited by marcov on 14.05.2008, 12:29)

> Oh right, on topic:
> 4DOS is bloatware. A shell should be minimalistic and consume as little
> memory as possible since it's required to be running. Too much hogging of
> memory leaves too little for applications.

Hmm, one of the main reasons I started running 4dos in the first place is that it left more conventional memory free than Dos in a shell. This because 4dos swaps itself out when a program is run, later versions of 4dos were pretty extreme in that (less than 10kb resident iirc)

Admitted, this was in Dos 6 times, dunno what the win9x dosses changed for that, since I never used them without 4dos - qemm - hyperdisk

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