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question about including/linking (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 20.05.2008, 21:42

> > > AFAIK task #1 is not possible with VS and/or HX. For real mode
> > executables
> > > a different compiler is required, e.g., Open Watcom C/C++ or old
> Turbo
> > C++
> > > 1.01 (both free).
> >
> > Maybe also DJGPP?
> No. DJGPP's GCC always generates protected mode binaries.

Actually, DJGPP's GCC always outputs 32-bit code, and it's the libraries and stub which use and require DPMI. DJ did make a patch for 16-bit code generation, but you're stuck to not using any libraries, startup code, or even "long"! So, for 16-bit code, your best bet is probably OpenWatcom (faster resulting code than TC++ as well as being open source).

Also see the BIG "C" compiler comparison thread.


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