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question about including/linking (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 27.05.2008, 03:49

> > std + those which have been ported to dos...
> > That`s also worth a consideration.
> If it uses only standard C calls + libraries ported to 16-bit RM DOS,
> there should be no problem for you to find a suitable free C compiler. I
> recommend you
> Digital
> Mars.

I've never tried Digital Mars, but it's still developed at least (good). However, compared to OpenWatcom, it doesn't (easily) run on DOS, it's 32-bit DOS extender isn't very friendly (e.g. with WinXP), and it's closed src (not able to be modified/patched). But it supports exception handling in 16-bit DOS (or something like that, no idea) at least. Not sure how good the optimizations are, though. Also, the free downloadable (non-CD) version doesn't have some utils.


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