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HXRT regression : paq8o8zw doesn't run anymore (DOSX)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 09.06.2008, 13:28

> > Gah, why didn't I just run under QEMU ?! Sorry, my bad. (Note to self:
> > "DOSBox is not a full emulator, it's only for games." Maybe if I wrote
> a
> > game that needed int 21h,4B01h ?? :lol2: )
> Hehe, this is typical. I wrote some suggestion regarded to implementation
> of CPUID (i don't remember exactly) to Dosbox developers but they was not

It's open source. :-) Make your own advanced version. :-P

> interested because of games don't need it. Hm but it may be better
> emulator not just for games...

I especially like its debugger, because it resembles Soft-ICE.


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