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How to stub with HXRT (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.06.2008, 15:09

> > 1. I did "pestub (executable file)", but there is no file size change.
> > Is "pestub" same with stubit on WDOSX?
> I don't know because I've forgotten what WDOSX's stubit exactly does.

It adds the DPMI server / DOS extender to the .EXE. This works for specific hand-written assembly, DJGPP .EXEs, Watcom32 .EXEs, as well as Borland 5.x Win32 .EXEs. It binds the Win32 emulation .DLLs too if needed (*.WDL). Why do you wish to switch to HX instead of WDOSX? (What doesn't work? What features do you need?)

PESTUB requires DPMIST32.BIN in your path or current dir, and replaces the MZ DOS stub in the Win32 PE .EXE with a call to load DPMILD32 in pure DOS (basically, you still need HXRT.ZIP's \BIN in your path) in order to run Win32 .EXEs in pure DOS. This way isn't "static" (still requires external files), but at least you don't have to manually type "dpmild32 myapp.exe ..." or run HXLDR32 TSR first.

> > I did it, but not operate in DOS.
> I don't know what "not operate" means. To make the binary a DOS binary,
> one has to use pestub's -x option.

I don't see any huge advantage to the "-x" option (PX instead of PE) if it'll work either way (and potentially better if kept as PE, at least on Vista). Is there one?

> > 2. Is there any method to make one file?
> If you have the source, yes. Because there're static Win32 libraries
> supplied in hxdev. Please read hxdev.txt and have a look at the samples
> supplied with hxdev.

For the record, I had issues with this (paq8o8zw) but it might be because I am still using OpenWatcom 1.7a-RC1 (too trivial to upgrade, IMO, so I'm waiting for 1.8).


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