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How to stub with HXRT (DOSX)

posted by Justin(R), 12.06.2008, 09:33

> It adds the DPMI server / DOS extender to the .EXE. This works for
> specific hand-written assembly, DJGPP .EXEs, Watcom32 .EXEs, as well as
> Borland 5.x Win32 .EXEs. It binds the Win32 emulation .DLLs too if needed
> (*.WDL). Why do you wish to switch to HX instead of WDOSX? (What doesn't
> work? What features do you need?)

Wow! Your reply helps me to understand HX a lot. Thanks.

The reason why I wish to switch to HX is the compatiblity.

Our program with WDOSX does't be executed at latest INTEL system.

If run the program, system hang occurs.

But there is too much knowledge I must know to switch.

Thank you.


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