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How to stub with HXRT (DOSX)

posted by Justin(R), 13.06.2008, 04:01

> > The reason why I wish to switch to HX is the compatiblity.
> >
> > Our program with WDOSX does't be executed at latest INTEL system.
> Which one, Core 2? So it doesn't run in pure DOS? (Which one? FreeDOS?
> DR-DOS? MS-DOS? Version?)
> > If run the program, system hang occurs.
> Yes, well, WDOSX isn't supported anymore (sadly) like most extenders. Are
> you sure it's not some external software / driver / OS issue that causes
> the instability instead?
> > But there is too much knowledge I must know to switch.
> Dare I ask, but what is your program supposed to do?

The hang issue occurs in ICH9MA laptop computer. I test it with MS-DOS(Win98), FreeDOS. But same symptom was shown.

I think the reasdon is not external software. Our program has own driver to handle interrupt. I guess this issue comes from SetIRQHandler, GetIRQHandler function from our driver.

Thank you.


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