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posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 13.06.2008, 08:40

> Seems I found a severe bug in DPMILD32:

Sorry, but I have severe difficulties to accept this as a bug at all.

> it deadlocks when a reloc section in not "readable" :-(

Then just don't do that!

> Windaube, OTOH, seems to consider the section (all sections ?) unconditionally as readable.

Ok, then it's a slight imcompatibility, most likely with no relevance. Please provide a real Win32 application which doesn't run in HX because of that and I will "fix" the issue immediately (yes, I've learned a lot from the DosBox developers :-D ).

> BTW, any plans to delete NE support from DPMILD32 ? Docs already flag it
> as "obsolete" , "no advantages" ... etc. - the time has come to kick it
> out :hungry:

My fantastic deb32f debugger still uses DPMILD32 and 16bit dlls. And why removing this support at all? To gain 2 kB extended-memory/disk space? And possibly introducing new bugs during the removal?

MS-DOS forever!


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