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Long filenames + MS DOS 7.10 (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 17.06.2008, 13:21

Hi ! Been trying to run the latest Bochs through DPMILD32 - per a recent forum post which said Bochs *requires* long name support (does it ? even if the Bochs config refers only short names ?)...

Turns out I am not getting success under raw DOS (even no cinfig/autoexec) with LFNDOS v1.06 by Chris jones (yields DOS extended error 50 after listing any DIR, and the drive is no longer valid afterwards), neither does DOSLFN work for me (a DIR list yields no files found!).

Is there a hope to have LFNs working properly under DOS 7.10, or are you all using only other DOSes ? Your kind hints sollicited and will be appreciated...



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