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posted by DOS386(R), 19.06.2008, 09:06
(edited by DOS386 on 19.06.2008, 09:21)

Forum wrote:

> Text is too long. Only 5000 bytes allowed

One more DPMILD32 issue:

;*** load image in memory, dont resolve anything
;*** bx=file handle
;*** the object table is located behind the NT_HEADERS
;--- returns with C on errors in binary

LoadImage proc uses edi ebp es

                sub     esp, sizeof D386_Device_Params
                @loadesp ebp
                mov     [ebp].D386_Device_Params.DD_logical_seg,0
                mov     dword ptr [ebp].D386_Device_Params.DD_name,0
                mov     word ptr [ebp].D386_Device_Params.DD_name+4,0
                mov     edi, [esi.MZHDR.pExeNam - sizeof MZHDR]
                lea     edi, [edi + esi - sizeof MZHDR]
                call    skippath
                mov     dword ptr [ebp].D386_Device_Params.DD_sym_name,edi
                mov     word ptr [ebp].D386_Device_Params.DD_sym_name+4,ds

What is this "?INT41SUPPORT" supposed to controll ? I don't see it declared anywhere ? Maybe always false, a relict ready for kick-out ?

> Since it occurs with Fasm "hand-made" PEs only, it can be ignored IMO.
> I refused to "fix" the bug because it's a lot of work for virtually nothing.
> It's still much work for almost nothing.

True, but now I've done 99% of the huge work so the 3 trivial fixes can be applied into DPMILD32 ;-)

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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