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HX question about the DJGPP example (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 24.07.2008, 19:43
(edited by Rugxulo on 25.07.2008, 06:29)

> The question is about gcc.bat. About the line with link.
> link.exe is a part of the Visual C++ 2003 toolkit? I didn't find out that
> it's a part of DJGPP or MinGW (there it's called ld.exe). The only real
> link.exe I found is a part of the Visual C++ 2003 toolkit.

Yes, it was MS link. Other MS COFF linkers (WLINK, POLINK) will do the job as well.

> But how is this supposed to work? It's called DJGPP example, this
> implicates that the example shall be compiled under DOS. But link.exe is a
> Win32 executable.

MS link runs in DOS with HXRT. But if you don't like that, use WLINK from Open Watcom.

> Or does it want the latest linker for DOS from ms, VC++V1.52C?

No, that tool doesn't know how to create PE binaries.

> Or is it supposed to use DJGPP under Windows with Visual C++ 2003 toolkit
> installed and both in path variable, DJGPP and the vc++ toolkit?

No, just the linker was used, the sample is unrelated to MS VCTK2003.

Btw, please note that the DGPJJ sample was tested with v2.03. I was told that for v2.04 the modified startup code won't work. Perhaps, if you tell me what you want to achieve I might be able to help.

MS-DOS forever!


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