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HX question about the DJGPP example (DOSX)

posted by mr(R), 24.07.2008, 20:55
(edited by Rugxulo on 25.07.2008, 06:29)

> But if you don't like that, use WLINK from
> Open Watcom.

Seams that wlink is no jump in replacement.

It's not that I dislike link.exe from ms because of being non free. This notion would be a bit to fundamental also for me.

The thing is the dll hell, link.exe depends on several dll's and I seam to have currently the wrong versions. But I think with experimenting I will get link.exe to run under dos.

> Btw, please note that the DGPJJ sample was tested with v2.03. I was told
> that for v2.04 the modified startup code won't work.

I was scared for the first time to use the beta so i use the old version. ;)

> Perhaps, if you tell me what you want to achieve I might be able to help.

Thanks! :)

Basically two different things.
a) related to this thread - developing under dos and using hx as dos extender
b) not related to this thread - compiling my console applications under windows and statically linking hx so the exe will run under windows and dos at the same time out of the box


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