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HX question about link.exe (DOSX)

posted by mr(R), 26.07.2008, 13:39

My Visual Studio version is 2005. The included link.exe is version 8. For compiling the DJGPP HX development example I need to get link.exe to work under HX and that's where I am struggling.

Under FreeDOS did copy the single link.exe to C:\programs\link\link.exe, started hdpmi32 and pestub link.exe. Step by step I wanted to start link.exe over and over again to read the error messages which file is still missing and copying the needed file also into C:\programs\link\, but I think this manual way is very time consuming and circumstantially, is it?

After copying msvcr80.dll and msvcrt.dll to C:\programs\link\ I am getting an error now.
dpmild32: import not found: MoveFileExW
dpmild32: file KERNEL32.dll
dpmild32: C:\FDOS\bin\dadvapi.dll: cannot resolve imports

Currently I have no idea how to get link.exe to work under DOS. On is also only listed link.exe version 5.12, 7.00 and 7.10 as compatible, maybe it's not updated or maybe link version 8 is no longer compatible.

Please tell me how to resolve this dll decencies a bit more elegant or which version of link.exe is only known to work.


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