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HX question about link.exe (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 26.07.2008, 16:21

> My Visual Studio version is 2005. The included link.exe is version 8. For
> compiling the DJGPP HX development example I need to get link.exe to work
> under HX and that's where I am struggling.
> Under FreeDOS did copy the single link.exe to C:\programs\link\link.exe,
> started hdpmi32 and pestub link.exe. Step by step I wanted to start
> link.exe over and over again to read the error messages which file is
> still missing and copying the needed file also into C:\programs\link\, but
> I think this manual way is very time consuming and circumstantially, is
> it?
> After copying msvcr80.dll and msvcrt.dll to C:\programs\link\ I am getting
> an error now.
> dpmild32: import not found: MoveFileExW
> dpmild32: file KERNEL32.dll
> dpmild32: C:\FDOS\bin\dadvapi.dll: cannot resolve imports
> Currently I have no idea how to get link.exe to work under DOS. On
> is also only listed link.exe version 5.12, 7.00 and 7.10 as compatible,
> maybe it's not updated or maybe link version 8 is no longer compatible.
> Please tell me how to resolve this dll decencies a bit more elegant or
> which version of link.exe is only known to work.

All MS link binaries <= MSVC Toolkit 2003 (v7.10) should work with hx.

One way to get a valid MS link binary (v5.12) is to download the Masm32 package. A compatible, free MS link clone is PoLink, included in PellesC. Both are verified to work in DOS with HXRT.

MS-DOS forever!


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