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HX question about link.exe (DOSX)

posted by mr(R), 26.07.2008, 20:19

> > > A compatible, free MS link clone is PoLink, included in PellesC.
> > > Both are verified to work in DOS with HXRT.
> >
> > The bad news:
> > Unfortunately there is a exception.
> >
> I think this is because the DPMILD32 binary you're using is a bit old.

I wondered if I have a time machine or so... Because just to ensure I didn't completely mess up I downloaded yesterday again from your server the latest stable.

The old version was used because C:\FDOS\BIN is in path variable before C:\drivers\hx\bin...

Now is HX in path before FDOS\BIN and dpmild32 polink.exe is working.

Gnah, this was a stupid mistake and hard to find out for me.


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