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HX question about link.exe (DOSX)

posted by marcov(R), 29.07.2008, 22:16

(part 2)

> P.S. QEMU loading latest XUbuntu x86-64 was taking forever (15+ minutes)
> and still didn't get past the moving bar screen, so I had to kill it. So
> at least at the moment that kind of emulation is not ideal.

I still hardly use virtualization/hypervisor in practice. Problem is that the odd ball cases that I actually need (e.g. openbsd) are the interesting ones for me (for FPC testing). So you always get one or two running, but not the third.

In the end, simply setting it up on a separate partition always speedier and easier. I've a few older machines, and recently got an Athlon XP donated that replaced my aging (read: dying) P-III. In theory it is more work maintaining all the machines and OSes vs a few easy VM images, but in practice somehow it never worked out for me. Due to FPC cycling I do need a bit of performance though, that is 30MB source that I compile to see if something fixed.


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