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HX question about link.exe (DOSX)

posted by marcov(R), 30.07.2008, 10:02

> I guess it just assumes that Windows was hosed so that they won't get tons
> of support calls saying, "I can't boot anymore!" (Better safe than sorry?)

Think too yes.


Fedora usually is pretty nice. I haven't had time/interest to spin up another distro to test if it is Fedora or HW. But the fact that the problem (crashing kernel) persists over multiple versions makes me suspect is HW.

> FreeBSD supposedly supports it, but kernel + modules must all be compiled
> with that in mind (according to
> I don't think most home users have more than 4 GB (at most) just yet.

Yes, but it doesn't leave you an installation choice as e.g. Fedora does. I don't massively run VMs on FreeBSD atm, so no need to get that last bit.

> > Yes and no. It is simply the average larger data size. So unless you have
> > 32-bit bins or some form of a NEAR model.
> So what is the advantage of 64-bit then?? If more registers doesn't equal
> more speed but uses more memory, then it's crap, just a novelty, not worth
> bothering with.

The main reasons are: Memory limit lifted, and enough addressspace. (x86 was running out of that too. Where do you memory map a DVD image?). Don't forget that the reason you can only use 3.25GB out of 4 without PAE is because it ran out of addressspace.

And of course the gradual transition, contrary to the previous attempts of Alpha and Itanium. (and maybe PPC)

> > Btw, in general GCC is worse in CPU specific optimizations than other
> > compilers.
> Okay, yes, MSVC is supposedly better now, but it's only got one
> platform + architecture to target, so it's probably easier / simpler.

As you say MSVC and Intel. And yes it may be easier to do so, but I don't think that is it. It probably is more a maintainability issue.


> Did you ever have one of those? I didn't, but I think the Atari Falcon
> used one (which IIRC was at one time development platform for their Jaguar
> console).

Still have. A Mac 840AV. I'm not the original owner though. 68kwise I had some base models Amiga after I left C=64, but nothing beefy. And then I went to 386sx-20. They are somewhat between a 486 and a pentium. Also iirc they are DX 1 1/2. IOW parts of the CPU run on double core speed (DX2), and parts not (DX).

> > Yes, but you can't introduce a whole new architecture every two years.
> > Till now it happened twice. The i386 and the x86_64. All x86_64
> machines
> > have SSE2.
> They sell these machines because they are either more powerful and/or
> faster than their predecessors.

And we all know there are lies, damn lies and commercials.

> I personally prefer software optimization over
> hardware upgrades because the former benefits everyone while the latter
> only benefits you (and potentially wastes money).

If you actually charge for the software optimization is way more expensive. Specially for the more specialized software.

> > You can always much freer in chosing an embedded CPU. While there might
> > be some legacy concerns, they are generally less.
> I don't know about your experiences or what languages / cpus you've
> programmed for, but what is your favorite architecture (if any) and why
> (price and power consumption not considered)? In other words, is 68000
> better than i386 in your eyes?

Pascal's, Modula2, C, Java bit of C++ and C# and asm for an arch or 5. (6510,68k,ppc,arm,x86,x86_64. Dabbled with sparc. And several "Microchip" embedded cpu's).

Nearly anything is better than x86, if only for its register starvation, but that was never the question. x86 was clumsy due to the moment in time it was frozen due to the dreaded PC compability. (on Amiga you HAD heaps of programs you could only run with certain upgrades, CPU and videocard )

The i386 arch was already a lot better, and the 64-bit one is again better. And price/performance was always stronger there.


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