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HX question about link.exe (DOSX)

posted by Steve(R) Homepage E-mail, US, 30.07.2008, 20:07

> > Tha last Amigas, the 3000 and 4000, and Steve Jobs's NeXT used the
> 68040. Excellent chip, performance about equal to the i80486
> In my experience better...

Well, it's an old debate. The 680x0 and x86 were designed for different purposes, each had strengths and weaknesses relative to the other. For running Unix the 68040 was superior, for some math operations the 486 was faster...

> Amigas went on to also utilize later 68k cpu's, though mostly via 3rd
> party plugin boards/replacementboards. One of the FPC devels has a 68060.

Commodore only went up to the 68040 on the 4000. But the Amiga's design made CPU upgrades easy, and there were always third-party options.

> Similar "upgrade" boards for the 68k macs contained PPC 601s mostly.

In the '90s there were rumors that Commodore would go to the PPC after the 4000. But then Commodore died, no more new Amigas.

> Afaik a common source of confusion is that 68040's are labelled according
> to their base speed, and not "base speed x multiplier" as Intel (DX2-66 =
> 2x 33 vs a 68040-33). Maybe because afaik the 68k wasn't entirely x2.

Correct - some operations were clock-doubled, some were speeded up (relative to the 68030) by other means - data and memory caches, pipelining, etc.


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