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HX question about link.exe (DOSX)

posted by marcov(R), 30.07.2008, 22:33

> > In the end, simply setting it up on a separate partition always
> speedier
> > and easier. I've a few older machines, and recently got an Athlon XP
> > donated that replaced my aging (read: dying) P-III.
> They just don't last long enough, do they? :-(

They are mostly used for FPC testing (except one FreeBSD and one Linux). And if you have a handful of packages, reinstalling is actually faster than doing long term package management and upgrades.

> Then again, a lot of
> people prefer upgrading to newer / better anyways. I'm not sure it truly
> makes us more productive, though (esp. considering the learning curve).

I'm inbetween. I'm never the first, unless I have a special interest (e.g. I went to FreeBSD 5 at the time because of cardbus support, and later to 6 due to wlan capabilities).

However I don't try to personally breathe life into a dying horse out of principles.

> > Due to FPC cycling I do need a
> > bit of performance though, that is 30MB source that I compile to see if
> > something fixed.
> Yeah, compiling is slow enough without being ultra slower in emulation.
> Then again, if emulation works, even if slow, it's better than nothing
> (IMHO).

Well, the problem is that with testing on emulations always keeps the "but does it work on the real thing" question. Moreover, simply installing it on a separate partition is not that hard since HDs got bigger than say 8GB. (actually one reason to go to hypervisor is that the partition table then no longer limits the number of installations. It's a tradeoff though, even though not really an emulation, the HD speed to images suffers)

> We could solve the problem entirely if we had full development
> suite live CDs (instead of ones that seemingly only target multimedia /
> office users).

Please no. I have done so, dog slow. Constantly spinning CD etc.

> We need more cross build tools. I'm surprised no one has
> done this already (AFAICT).

Also the products of cross build tools need validation.


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