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DOS and 4 GB of memory (Users)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 31.07.2008, 00:35

I realize the whole 4 GB address space cannot be directly used in DOS in 32-bit systems because of virtual mapping, etc. The most I've been able to get HIMEM.SYS ver. 3.0 to see is 3328 MB. This is with an old 128-MB ATI Radeon 9200 card. Am I correct in assuming that reducing the total video memory will augment the total available DOS RAM? So using an old 4 MB or 8 MB card would give me more addressable memory?

I'm surprised the HIMEM.SYS even sees above 2 GB, and I was able to use HX DOS-extender to run Win32 apps like PIFAST 4.3, and utilize above & beyond 3 GB of memory.

What is the closes anyone on this board has gotten to utilizing the full 4 GB on their DOS systems?

Can 16-bit apps be tweaked to see > 2 GB. Specifically, I'm wanting to create a RAMDISK over 2 GB in FAT16, utilizing 64-kb clustersize.

What about PAE -extensions in DOS to utilize > 4 GB memory on a 64-bit CPU?

All thoughts & comments on this much appreciated!


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