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HX question about link.exe (DOSX)

posted by Steve(R) Homepage E-mail, US, 01.08.2008, 05:12

> > For running Unix the 68040 was superior
> How so? Which Unix are we talking about?

The 68000 was the CPU of choice for early developers of Unix workstations. It was at least in part a happy coincidence - the 68000 introduced nice new features around the time when the workstation developers were shopping for CPUs. Sun and HP, to name only two, used the 68000 in their earliest workstations. Sun's OS was based on BSD.

In the same period when Unix was being fitted to the 680x0, Motorola worked to fit the 680x0 to Unix, adding hardware features that supported, e.g., multitasking, and supplying reference C compilers.

The Amiga OS was written in C, and partly based on Unix (Hacker's note: OS code was available to users for modification). The NeXT machines used the 68030 and 68040, running an OS based on Mach Unix. The NeXT OS later was ported to other CPUs and forked into a bunch of other OSes, including Mac OS X.


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