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HX question about link.exe (DOSX)

posted by marcov(R), 01.08.2008, 12:34

> > > For running Unix the 68040 was superior
> >
> > How so? Which Unix are we talking about?
> The 68000 was the CPU of choice for early developers of Unix workstations.
> It was at least in part a happy coincidence - the 68000 introduced nice new
> features around the time when the workstation developers were shopping for
> CPUs. Sun and HP, to name only two, used the 68000 in their earliest
> workstations. Sun's OS was based on BSD.

I robbed most of my 68882 FPUs (for on 68030/50 accelerator boards, both Amiga and Mac) from Hewlett-Packard 9000 Series 300 that were trashed in the physics department.


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