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Call for testers: UPXINFO version 04-AUG-2008 (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 05.08.2008, 09:57

> > 1). Shouldn't the help screen contain either a URL (e.g.
> > or at least your e-mail
> > address?
> No. That's left to the manual. I think search results for "bttr software"
> are sufficient:

You're assuming a computer is always connected to the Net. Besides, planning on migrating URLs anytime soon? Didn't think so. :-P

> > 2). What, no LFN support? Aren't there Pascal units around that can
> handle
> > that? (At worst just use int 21h,7160h to convert LFN to SFN.)
> LF-what? :-P Do you really need this? It will "blow" the binary by
> probably 100 bytes.

No, I don't majorly need it, but it'd be nice. Besides, 1). you're already over 4k, so a tiny drop more probably won't increase the used cluster size any (won't waste any "real" space that you aren't already using), and 2). SFN aliases are not 100% guaranteed to exist for all files (e.g. I copied a file to NTFS from some Linux distro recently, and while most modern distros support NTFS r/w fine, this one didn't create a SFN alias, so I had to ZIP/UNZIP it just to create one). And yes, I'm aware that TP55 doesn't natively support inline asm, but it can't be that hard to workaround, can it? (Inline emit raw bytes for the machine code? Isn't that what people did before TP6?)


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