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Call for testers: UPXINFO version 04-AUG-2008 (Miscellaneous)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 05.08.2008, 20:48

> > I think Int21.71A0 should work well. Do "stc" before the "int" opcode,
> > because DOSes without any Int21.71 functions will leave CF unchanged
> and
> > set al to 0. If the flags are NC, test the returned bx's bit 14
> (4000h).
> > If it's 1, LFNs should be supported.
> I found this code from the Free Pascal RTL (system.pp). And I think, it's
> buggy, because it assumes, that LFNs on other drives are available too, if
> drive C: already supports these?!

Yes, it's buggy. Although DOSLFN (and Windows?) provides a "Fallback"-Mode for drives that support only SFNs (redirect LFN functions to SFN functions) you can't assume this is always true. RxDOS f.e. doesn't have any "Fallback"-Mode. (On the other hand, above check doesn't work in the old RxDOS 7.1.5 anyway because of a serious misunderstanding...)

Just check the LFN API for each drive you're operating on.



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