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Call for testers: UPXINFO version 04-AUG-2008 (Miscellaneous)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 06.08.2008, 03:43

> Yes, but at least two DOSes (RxDOS, ROM DOS) support LFNs natively, right?

You're better saying "at least one DOS". RxDOS's current LFN code doesn't really work and supports only some of the Int21.71 functions (and some of these supported functions are not very well written). And that just besides all the other RxDOS bugs. Don't consider using it for anything serious right now.

> Even DR-DOS (at one time) had a beta FAT32 LFN driver of some sort
> (probably recalled due to patent worries, bah).

I think there was one DRFAT32 driver and another DRLFN driver. (All versions I know are betas.) They however had a special interface so if used together, DRLFN provided LFNs on DRFAT32 partitions as well.

> > But I don't want to work around your buggy Linux. Why not use DOS? :-P
> That's not a bug.

Probably the bug isn't in that Linux driver, but rather in the other NTFS driver. It should translate LFNs without SFNs "on the fly", that is, if anyone requests SFNs (applications inside NTVDM or whatever), create them "virtually".



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