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GNU make / DJGPP make difference? (Developers)

posted by mr(R), 30.08.2008, 19:01

I know GNU make from *nix and the port mingw32-make, both are identical.

My makefiles working on windows with mingw32-make doesn't work under DOS with make from DJGPP, error message "no target specified and no makefile found". I simply join the folder with the source and the makefile and type not mingw32-make but simply make.

It seams like make from DJGPP is also a port and no clone. Any idea why it doesn't work as jump in replacement?

If I use make -f c:\fullpath\source\makefile then I get "missing separator. Stop". There are tabs and no spaces, created the tabs with windows notepad, wordpad and FreeDOS edit and rhide. Same...

Any advise?


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