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Double standards -> Abuse of power -> Lucho proven right (Miscellaneous)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 10.09.2008, 08:11

> How many posts did you delete before ? Maybe mine was the very 1st one and
> thus the very very very very very very very worst from cca 5'000 posts ?

Please Calm down! Might be that the admin isn't always fair. But he has a perfectly valid excuse: he does the job because nobody else wanted to do it.

> Also, please explain why you haven't deleted all those horrible spam crap
> + flamewars yet:

These are flames, but they are also precious gems.

> Of course you are now tempted to delete this also ... but this
> wouldn't help of course, instead it would just promote your administration
> style to a valuable topic for discussion on some other place.

Please stop these kind of posts, it's trollish and nothing is to gain! I vaguely remember the Evil DoctoR style, it was significantly worse than the situation here.

MS-DOS forever!

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