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UPXINFO | incredible (Miscellaneous)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 10.09.2008, 11:50

> DOSferatu wrote:
> (nothing yet) :crying:

[image] But he released a "Pre-PreRelease" version (no sound, no multiplayer) of his top-view 2D shooter XPYDERZ. Site is in German only, but archive also contains an English README.

> Rugxulo wrote:
> > Some people violate the UPX license by making the resulting .EXE
> > not unpackable. DOS386 apparently wants you to be able to
> > heuristically find such .EXEs and make 'em unpackable again.
> Incredible: someone did understand my post :lol3:

I won't add this feature, because I just don't have a need for. After releasing UPXDUMP's source code, you're welcome to submit a patch for adding that.


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