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XPYDERZ (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.09.2008, 09:14

> > DOSferatu wrote:
> >
> > (nothing yet) :crying:
> But he released a "Pre-PreRelease" version (no sound, no multiplayer)
> of his top-view 2D shooter XPYDERZ. Site is in German only, but archive also
> contains an English README.

Correct, all the files from Xpyderz are dated Aug. 12, 2008. He's got some older cool stuff too (Centipede from 2005, PONG, PICS8050, FAQREAD, THEORY) but all without source. Anyways, I particularly like "Theory of Clockwork" (reminds me of I, Robot) and VECCHARS is like text from Major Havoc. Heck, even Xpyderz looks like Vindicators. (Guess he likes Atari, heh.) So yeah, he's obviously a fan of DOS (and BP7, in particular). BTW, the ASM86.GER FAQ looks very very useful (even if some of it is already well-documented elsewhere). Of course, I guess it'd be more useful if I understood German. :-| (But at least the 8086-586 asm timings + pseudocode seems nicely done. I think the optimizations part could be greatly increased, but that'd be hard to fully research correctly.)

P.S. Google Language Tools is your friend (well, mine at least). :-P


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