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Any USB HID (keyboard) driver for DOS? (Developers)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 30.11.2008, 22:50
(edited by RayeR on 01.12.2008, 03:05)

I succeed to boot FreeDOS on Compaq EVO T20 thin client but facing next challenge. T20 has not PS/2 port just USB and it is "proud" to be
legacy free so lacks USB legacy support (not at all, BIOS
can handle USB keyboard to detect press of specific keys
to invoke FW downaload but later it doesn't work).
It's based on AMD Geode GX1 CPU and CS5530A chipset including USB OHCI.
Do you know about some USB HID driver? Or where to get some usable
sopurces to start?
I just tried to run DUSE 4.9 on T20 and it displays
OHCI USB Controller initialized (BASE 0xCC000, IRQ 6)
so it seem it recognize it OK but DUSE is only for
USB mass storage devices.

Or maybe it would be easier to make some HW mod adding some MCU which
will emulate 8042 connected on system bus, I don't know...
BTW CS5530A also support gameport. some of its pins are on outer BGA balls
so I can connect there. Maybe it would be enough for simle controlling.

Note: The datasheet is talking about USB legacy kbd support but not much detailed. Probably it's meant in conjunction with some bios code:

The CS5530A integrates a Universal Serial Bus (USB) controller
which supports two ports. The USB controller is
OpenHCI compliant, a standard developed by Compaq,
Microsoft, and National Semiconductor. The USB core consists
of three main interface blocks: the USB PCI interface
controller, the USB host controller, and the USB interface
controller. Legacy keyboard and mouse controllers are also
supported for DOS compatibility with those USB devices.

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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