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HXGUI: import not found... (DOSX)

posted by flox(R) Homepage, 09.12.2008, 22:39

> > I tried to run the Windows port of Octave in DOS
> > ( Dpmild32 reports an error:
> >
> > import not found: GetSystemWindowsDirectoryW
> >
> > Do you think a dummy would be ok or that it would be easy to implement?
> Or
> > do you have another idea?
> This is the "wide" version of an already implemented function. So it's
> trivial to implement.
> However, DPMILD32 stops the load process when it detects such an error.
> There are probably further unresolved imports in other dlls - or even
> missing dlls. Try the DPMILDR=128 switch to find out if it's really the
> one and only export which is missing.

Thanks for the tip. With DPMILDR=128 Octave works, but if it runs LESS.EXE to display a text file it prints following error (note that LESS.EXE works ok from the command line):

dpmild32: E:\OCTAVE\BIN\LESS.EXE: relocs stripped, cannot load.

and later:

dkrnl32: exception 40000015, flags=0 occured at 3900BF:341B47
ax=0 bx=0 dx=309634
si=341B92 di=0 bp=226310 sp=2262E4
ip=Module 'mscvr90.dll'+5BB47

dkrnl32: fatal exit!

and it hangs the pc.

I saw the error message at the documentation of dpmild32.txt. I haven't used another DPMI host. Does it mean that LESS need its own adress space?

I tested Octave with some easy equations and haven't got errors, there seems to be only problems when another program is launched from inside of Octave. But maybe I will find other problems in the future...



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