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HimemX v3.32 bug ? (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 17.12.2008, 16:38

> I tried to use HimemX 3.32 with my 2 Go RAM laptop but mem command reports
> for Extended (XMS) :
> Total ~ 64 MB
> used ??
> Free ~ 2 Go
> This problem does not occur with JEMMEX 5.72 so i made a comparison
> between
> JEMM :: _I15GetMemoryStatus and HimemX :: geti15mem and so far they seem
> to be equal.

what is Go? "Giga octets"? Are you French?

It's unlikely that there is a difference between HimemX and JemmEx.

All the himem's based on FreeDOS Himem have a problem with "holes" in extended memory (mostly the "os/2" hole at F00000h-FFFFFFFh). You can check with tool GETI15EX in HXRT if there is something suspicious with your memory.

MS-DOS forever!


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