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HimemX v3.32 bug ? (DOSX)

posted by FFK(R) Homepage, 23.12.2008, 21:23

> > I agree that it's not a critical bug. But on all JEMMEX, Ms HIMEM.SYS
> and
> > XMGR : MEM reports correct values. So it's a HimemX minor bug i guess.
> I just noticed that in the tests with XMSSTAT you tested the 2GB machine
> only but not the 1GB desktop machine which is the interesting one. Why?

but in both 1Gb and 2Gb machines "MEM" report bad amount of memory

here the XMSSTAT of the 1gb machine :

XMS call address: 025C:061E
XMS version: 3.0
HMA handled by XMS host, HMA is allocated
largest free memory block (v2) in kB: 65535, total free: 65535
largest free memory block (v3) in kB: 1046716, total free: 1046716
XMS handle table at 025C:0030, handle cnt/size=48/10
XMS handle array at 025C:0660

 no handle region            size(kB) locks flags
  1 0660   00110000-00110FFF        4     1 02 used
  2 066A   00111000-3FF3FFFF  1046716     0 01 free
free handles: 46
no UMB handler installed

with mem i get :
Total memory:   Total=16 384K        Used=?   Free=943 422K

EDIT by rr: added {code} tag for better readability


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