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HimemX v3.32 bug ? DUGL (DOSX)

posted by FFK(R) Homepage, 31.12.2008, 09:34

> You mean the new DUGL 1.13? (No mention of new DuglPlus, though.)

Yes DUGL 1.13 is out with a little introduced bug an 8bpp Poly on the double sided flag, but who care ?
for DuglPlus except a new Sbpro driver and 16bpp port of the GUI there will be no additional functionnality

> P.S. DuglPlayer really should be recompiled with latest libMPEG2 since the
> latter now has optional SSE2 support, which latest CWSDPMI allows (unless
> it's compile-time only, ugh).

For DuglPlayer i do wished to get rid of the MpgSplit step before playing any mpeg but I don't have enough knowledge and time to learn how to demux and no one want to contribute :(
Any way if you have the djgpp port of the new libMPEG2 i will recompile DuglPlayer and provide a newer version.


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