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IBM PC DOS, free downloads (Announce)

posted by Steve(R) Homepage E-mail, US, 24.07.2007, 08:18

If anyone is looking for another test bed...

IBM PC DOS 7 (1994) - Installation diskettes + loading util + docfile. ~9MB total, at

IBM PC DOS 2000 (1998) - 2 ISO files
1) Contains images of installation diskettes + loading util.
2) Contains individual files, to be written to installer CD. Looks like HD installation can be in English or in Korean (DOS/V) [Comes from IBM Korea, has docs & messages in English & Korean].
~15MB each, at

PC DOS 7 Technical Update (1995). IBM Redbook for programmers, free downloads in PDF & HTML. Real paper version is available for $ (noted for information purposes only).


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