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Jemm v5.66 : exception 09 on Intel P4 w/ Ultra IDE BIOS ext. (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.09.2007, 00:46

> Jemm has inherited the scan method for free upper memory blocks from FD
> Emm386. (One addition has been made: it checks for RAM and excludes such
> regions automatically.) This method is not always sufficient. You can use
> the GETI15EX tool from HXRT, which displays the reserved regions returned
> by int 15h, ax=E820h. Usually this gives a good hint what part of the
> E000-EFFF region is used by the BIOS and hence shouldn't be used. Then
> exclude this region for Jemm with parameter X=.

Er, then decipher this since it's all Greek to me!

> Int 15h, ah=88h, extended memory: 0 kB
> Int 15h, ax=E801h:
> ext. memory below 16 MB: 15360 (0x3C00) KB
> ext. memory above 16 MB: 7927 64 KB blocks = 495 MB [1000000-1FF6FFFF]
> Int 15h, eax=E820h:
> addr 000000000, size 0000A0000, type 1 (available)
> addr 0000F0000, size 000010000, type 2 (reserved)
> addr 000100000, size 01FE77000, type 1 (available)
> addr 01FF77000, size 000002000, type 4 (ACPI)
> addr 01FF79000, size 000087000, type 2 (reserved)
> addr 0FEC00000, size 000010000, type 2 (reserved)
> addr 0FEE00000, size 000010000, type 2 (reserved)

Know your limits.h


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