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Compatibility woes / deprecation (Miscellaneous)

posted by marcov(R), 14.02.2009, 14:03

(part II)

> The main reasons mentioned to upgrade from Win9x are as follows:

- stable network features, and no reboots for hw changes (like e.g. plug and play). This was the reason for me to move to w2k

> What really annoys me is when DOS
> support is dropped and the older, still-working ports are deleted
> or hidden so you can't even use that!

Then start an archival group! Stop being the self-pitying beggar, and do something yourself! Submit patches, archive what is there, and work on driver support. (3rd party people can legally make win9x drivers afaik, and you can copy some of the hw knowledge from the other open platforms)

Moreover, make up your mind what you actually want to preserve, Dos or win9x. It sounds like win9x is a stopgap solution to get to Dos for you.


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