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Compatibility woes / deprecation (Miscellaneous)

posted by mr(R), 14.02.2009, 14:03

> It's basically a rant from early 2002 against XP (which is nowadays
> considered one of the best Windows, or even OSes, ever by most Windows
> users).
> Summary:
> + very stable
> + good hardware compatibility
> - older commercial games don't work
> - wastes half a gig of HD space
> - pre-XP apps run worse under compatibility mode
> - shuts down much more slowly than Win9x

I agree. XP is still the most famous operating system, most people are using and liking it. Basically it would be possible to create a better operating system, but people know it and people don't like changes.

For me XP runs more stable (in sense of not bluescreening) then Win9x.

Dropping support for any pre-XP operating system is a explicable process, most developers are using XP. Whenever I could theoretically join a open source project such as watcom, firefox or whatever I wouldn't like to care what's up with Win 3.11, NT 3.5, Win9x or whatever, it's would theoretically bug me to keep care in order not to break compatibility with them as I am not using any of them. To provide multi os support for Linux is already a laudable task.

As any new windows version also Vista and probable also Windows 7 are slower then it's predecessor on the same hardware. Because I am a thrifty person I don't like to pay money for things I can do perfectly with the things I already own.

All the new innovations on past-XP desktops (from ms or from the linux world) are _really_ boring and not simplifying or more efficient or convincing me. Until today I (and most others) can still not out of the box, talk or think and le the computer understand in a efficient way and do what I want.

Ms done with XP a good job and many new netbooks (it's currently a hype) are delivered with XP because past-XP is to slow and because people who are already working with XP like it also in general more then Vista. That's why I think ms will have a very hard time in trying to kill XP. For the next 5-10 years I think I can escape buying new hardware and new Windows. XP seams now to be "the os", "the standard" and it seams it can not be dropped.


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