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Compatibility woes / deprecation (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 15.02.2009, 20:36
(edited by Rugxulo on 15.02.2009, 21:00)

(rr, a max. post limit of 5000 is obviously too small in these cases)

> > First of all, many DOS apps support LFNs (e.g. some FreeDOS utils:
> find,
> > more, FreeCom, etc.) as well as all DJGPP v2 apps by default.
> Under NT?

LFNs work in 2k (NT 5), XP (5.1), Vista (6) by default. Old NT4 needs a TSR/DLL combo (ntlfn08[bs].zip on DJGPP mirrors).

> That's life. IMHO not different when your favourite kind of crisps goes
> out of the supermarket because not enough people bought it.

Mr. T cereal, how I miss you! :-P

> Unicode is a major demand from customers. It
> partially makes life easier

I know, but it's not so critical as to kill ports to non-UTF locales.

> Vista % in the corporate world is 4%. You bet that XP installs are done
> there.

"We know you love Windows XP and you?re in good company. Hundreds of millions of Windows XP users are fans of the operating system, and many depend on Windows XP to run legacy applications and hardware not yet compatible with Windows Vista. Even though we?re retiring Windows XP, we won?t leave you hanging. Our Microsoft Support Lifecycle explains it all.

You can still buy new PCs and use Windows XP. Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate have downgrade rights that let you return your operating system to Windows XP. We plan to provide support for Windows XP until 2014."

> Btw, the app I missed most initially was QEdit.

> No, you adapt, update or clear out old junk. Life is not stasis.

Constantly adapting is very annoying, hence why XP in corporations is still prevalent. (ME was dropped after 5 years, so get ready for XP to be abandoned soon, in deed if not word.)


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