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Compatibility woes / deprecation (Miscellaneous)

posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 16.02.2009, 13:52
(edited by RayeR on 16.02.2009, 15:54)

just a quick note:

> - KernelEx helps some apps run (e.g. Doom 3)

you even don't need to install kernelex. There is very tiny russian patch that makes slight modification of doom3.exe that makes it running under win98. That's I find anoying if a program doesn't run under win9x just because of one unimportant 2K/XP call. Of course if the program is entirely based on new libs and use all new features of 2k/XP it obvious it will not run under Win9x...

> The main reasons mentioned to upgrade from Win9x are as follows:
> - SATA support

If your BIOS has IDE compatability mode then you're safe (usual on intel 9xx/P31 chipset based mobos)

> - HD with > 137 GB

No problem. There's patched ESDI_506.PDR that fully support LBA48. I use Win98SE on 500GB SATA drive in IDE mode. I also tried AHCI mode under XP but I didn't recognize significant speed-up compared to IDE mode. The limitation factor are <4GB files on FAT32.

> - memory > 512 MB (although this can be worked around)

Up to 1GB there's no several problems. You have to limit VCACHE to not overflow and then you can safely use 1GB. Over 1GB there may rise problems with some drivers causing BSOD, etc. But it is possible to limit windows memory if you have installed more. I ended up ~1,15GB of 2GB (I utilize full 2GB under other OSes).

I use win98 mostly as DOS multitasking environment (when coding in djgpp and want to read PDF documantation, search web, listen music etc. but I still have direct access to HW, not like in NTVDM) and for some older games. Win98 runs like flash on new HW but it's significantly less stable than XP. Many new programs excessivelly eats GDI resource which are very limited on win9x and once are all consumed you probably will have to reboot very soon :P

Before some years ago I didn't like XP when come after W2K but after a years came many fixes and improvements that turned XP into very stable and powerfull OS. I use it at work and I don't remember a BSOD occured recent months. And when it happen it is usually due to my experiments. Our company is buying Dell HW and they still delivers XP when we requested :) I don't know anybody who would like get Vista on his new machine.

DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.


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