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Compatibility woes / deprecation (Miscellaneous)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 17.02.2009, 12:25

> > > I in no way love XP to death. It was worse in many ways to Win9x.
> >
> > Only in the dos support. I don't know any other way.
> Apparently you don't understand. Windows NT used to have POSIX, OS/2, and
> DOS subsystems. How many of those still work? Don't you see a trend here?
> And don't give me the marketshare crap. Why does it break? Is a new OS
> worth more somehow by actually doing less???

According to "Undocumented DOS" older NT versions (I never used anything older than 5.0) even had an x86 emulator so the DOS and Win16 subsystems did work on non-x86 architectures. If that was the case Microsoft could've maintained the emulator in current versions and AMD64 Windows versions could still run DOS software. (Without such crap as the DOSBox's OS.)



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