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Compatibility woes / deprecation (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 19.02.2009, 08:57

> > Lots of EMX binaries (e.g. VILE, NVI) won't even work on DOS.
> Did you try the EMX switch of JEMM? It's supposed to make emx binaries run
> on machines with > 256 MB of memory.

It's not JEMM's fault, either EMX itself doesn't have the proper support (some very basic file functionality needed for NVI) or the developers specifically compiled it in such a way (-Zsys -Zomf) as to not work except on OS/2. (And VILE has a native DOS port anyways.)

P.S. Is that > 256 MB EMS or just in general? I thought EMX 0.9d fix 4 supported up to 1 GB? (untested) The problems mentioned aren't RAM-related at all, AFAICT.

emxfix04.doc      emx 0.9d     FIX 04                               20-Mar-2001

emx.exe now supports up to 1 GB of memory (was 64 MB)

Now, JEMM does have a problem with Inner Worlds, dunno why. And HXRT has a problem with RSXNT apps (I compiled NASM 0.98.39 but something file-related, opening or writing or closing, didn't work, only got truncated 0-byte output). I only vaguely mentioned the former (and didn't mention the latter at all) in case you were too busy or disinterested. And feel free to ignore anyways, I'm just mentioning it now since I have your attention. :-D


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