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UI21DEB deBUGGER rele | DGJPP's persistent ENOENT bugginess (Announce)

posted by DOS386(R), 20.02.2009, 05:53
(edited by Rugxulo on 18.05.2009, 08:53)

My new deBUGGER is out :-)

Download: UI21DEB.ZIP (46 KiB)


(snipped "blue TFM" at DOS386's request, see download for documentation)

More information inside the package :-)

Both King Udo and Japheth wrote (2+1/2 years ago, in other forum, when discussing "poor writing performance in DOS" issue) :

> Are you sure that you are not doing something strange ???

Well, damn late :-D , but now this issue as well as similar issues can be clarified instantly using my deBUGGER :clap:

I am aware that I will not make DGJPP adorers too happy with my findings, but that's the deal, the purpose of a deBUGGER is indeed to find BUG's in other applications :crying:


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