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BUG? NASM compiled by RSXNTDJ running under HXRT (Developers)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 24.02.2009, 00:01
(edited by Rugxulo on 24.02.2009, 00:11)

Hi, I started a new thread so it'd be easier to read / reply:

> > P.S. Is that > 256 MB EMS or just in general?
> it's unrelated to EMS.

Really? Okay.

> > I thought EMX 0.9d fix 4 (circa 2001) supported up to 1 GB?
> Might be true, I didn't test.

Me either. Besides, EMX itself requires VCPI which modern Windows disallow, so I think it's moot. (And I think EMX.EXE is only for DOS anyways, the .DLLs etc. are for OS/2, hence most EMX apps these days are compiled for OS/2 only.)

> > Now, JEMM does have a problem with Inner Worlds, dunno why.
> That's true, but it's also true for MS Emm386. With both I get a page
> error exception on a P4. However, on my old, "DOS-area" PC (80486
> 100 MHz, 32MB, SB16 PNP, ET4000/W32), there's no problem with Jemm
> or MS Emm386.

Wow, that's a monster of a 486 (32 MB, heh). But okay, it's probably just another MOSS bug, then don't worry about it.

> > HXRT has a problem with RSXNT apps (I compiled NASM 0.98.39 but something
> > file-related, opening or writing or closing, didn't work, only got
> > truncated 0-byte output).
> Please tell more details, even better provide a test case!

Yeah, I forgot that you'd have to setup RSXNTDJ and then compile it, which is easier if I do it for you. It's not that important of course, but it'd be nice to know why it doesn't work (since it works fine via hxdosld using RSX.EXE):

* nasm-0.98.39.tar.bz2
* (Rod P.'s collection of all RSX-related files, some outdated, 25 MB !!)

NASM-RSX.ZIP includes the following:


nasm.exe       147,176       (340,480)         Feb,23,2009  04:32:58p  [Deflat]
ndisasm.exe    63,009        (152,576)         Feb,23,2009  04:33:00p  [Deflat]    1,400         (4,693)           Feb,23,2009  04:32:44p  [Deflat]
rsxnt.dll      28,431        (60,416)          Jan,06,2002  07:56:50p  [Deflat]
rsx.exe        54,957        (111,900)         Feb,09,2000  06:59:32p  [Deflat]
copying.rsx    672           (1,486)           May,12,1998  07:35:32a  [Deflat]

Note that I used GCC 2.95.3 (DJGPP 2.03p2) with RSXDJ151.ZIP but with latest RSXNT.DLL (60416 bytes, Jan. 6 2002) and RSX.EXE (version 5.24, 111900 from Feb. 9 2000) from RSXNTDJ16BETA2.TAR.GZ. Rainer S.'s page is long dead, so I'm not 100% sure where to find the srcs to 5.24 of RSX, but srcs for 5.21 appear to be in RSX521S.ZIP. (I know that probably doesn't matter, just a good faith effort to comply with licenses. Feel free to request some files via e-mail if Rod's 25 MB collection is too annoying to download.)

EDIT: How the heck did this get in "Announce"?? rr, please move, thanks! :-)


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