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Compatibility woes / deprecation of UPX (Miscellaneous)

posted by marcov(R), 24.02.2009, 10:40

> > > > I don't see the point.
> > > Me neither. Why all FreePASCAL releases up to 2.2.2 are that heavily
> > > infiltrated with UPX and that absurdly bloated because of this.
> > Because that something is included, it doesn't mean you should routinely
> use it.
> Funny. All executables inside FPC package are UPX'ed and I shouldn't it
> then :clap:

Can you imagine how long that package script hasn't been updated....

> What about banning UPX and reducing package size in next release, see
> msg=5374 ? :-)

I'm all for it: Submit a proposal for a new package system, run a few beta's, make sure they are well tested.


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