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FPC: 7-Zip or UPX ; TC++ pros and cons bloated WATCOM (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 25.02.2009, 09:29

> I indeed understand this type of purism, but "argument" is invalid
> nevertheless, there is no PASCAL source of UPX either.


> > Secondly, they could stop using UPX, esp. if they all hate UPX
> so much, but it would increase download size
> Did you test before boasting ? In my test the size got reduced by factor 2
> !!! :surprised:

With 7-Zip, yes. By reducing UPX alone and keeping .ZIP, not so much. (No, I didn't test, obviously.)

> > What's unique? It works with TC++, even virtual memory. Not enough?
> Does it work on 8086 ?

No. You cannot use anything besides real EMS on an 8086. As such, neither XMS, VCPI, nor DPMI are available.

SWALLOW v1.0 - a DOS-Extender to
write own Protected Mode programs
with TP 6/7, TC++ 1.0 or BC++ 3.1.
It provides virtual memory and
supports 32 bit assembler code.
Card software except the sources
of the extender itself.
386 required.

EDIT: Found a minor update (1.01) here.


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