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GhostScript 8.57 for DOS (V0.00) available - how to use it ? (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 24.07.2007, 11:35

> - How to use it (to view a PDF file) ?

I use it this way to view PDFs (GS installed at C:\GS):

1. created a SHOWPDF.BAT:

@echo off
dpmild32 -g c:\gs\gs8.57\bin\gswin32c.exe "-Ic:\gs\gs8.57\lib;c:\gs\fonts;c:\gs\gs8.57\Resource" -q "%1" >c:\temp\gs.log

2. added a line in VC.EXT (using Volkov Commander):

pdf:    c:\bat\showpdf.bat "!.!"

browsing the file is limited, however, because you cannot jump to a specific page and there is also no key to jump to the previous page.

MS-DOS forever!


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