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New text modes on SiS chipsets, info / docs wanted (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 19.03.2009, 18:16

Hello ! Apologies if this quest is not exactly on-topic on this board. Using boards with SiS chipsets - several, but let's say the SiS 741 for definiteness, the video subsystem of which is has PCI device id : SiS 6330 - I wish to add more text video modes than provided by the cr@ppy video BIOS provides.

I mean, especially, wide text modes, 132 char or so per line. Unfortunately though I have some SiS chipset docs, I couldn't find anything about locating & programming the extra video clocks beyond basic EGA/VGA frequencies :-(

Someone has a pointer to docs for the SiS PCI video systems including non standard registers ? Or some ready made TSRs ? I thought of looking at Linux kernel sources, but I'm unsure Linux uses any exotic text modes even in the booting stages (not talking of text in graphics modes).

Don't you people find irritating that the video BIOSes will care less and less about providing useful text modes ?



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