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New text modes on SiS chipsets, info / docs wanted (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 19.03.2009, 21:22

> Did you try SVGATextMode?
> Perhaps nothing beyond basic VGA register tweaking for SiS chipsets, but
> at least you could have more text modes than BIOS provides.

Thanks for your kind answer! Yes I was aware of and tried STM for DOs, unfortunately that excellent program doesn't know how to program the SiS chips any more than I do. I even tried to contact the author by email a few weeks ago, but got no answer - either he was not interested/ had nothing to add, or the email address I used was not up to date ...

I know how to tweak VGA registers provided either I have the docs for the non standard ones, or a program which knows how to access the chipset ;=)
In this case I can't guess how the VClocks are accessed.

When posting here I was thinking, maybe someone has a physical SiS based "deluxe" video adapter (not the integrated, shared memory thing) and then if the BIOS for that provides a larger choice of modes, VESA or otherwise, I could study how it is programmed. Just a possibility.



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