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New text modes on SiS chipsets, info / docs wanted (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 20.03.2009, 12:54

> I avoid SiS chips at all, because these are slow and crappy.

Why, such statements need qualifying. SiS chipsets aim at the "value" market, they are well engineered and give you bang for the buck. I've had SiS powered machines starting with a SiS471+i486DX2 which is still working and humming alond on the table next to this one. I also have a SiS530+AMD K6-2+ system (IBM Aptiva.)

I used to like SiS because they provided almost unlimited access to their docs, but alas! this has now changed under the pressure of the idiot marketoons, I believe. Oh, well my next system won't be SiS - but I have no more money left anyway so I'm keeping with what I have, and besides I dislike the X-64 trend and the multicore approach which are both a waste of silicium real estate.



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